Social Media & Marketing: Do You Have A Plan?

Today I’ll only eat fruit grapefruit.

Tomorrow I’ll eat whatever I feel like eating, but I’ll also do 20 crunches and take a 20 minute walk.

Day after tomorrow? Diet and exercise will depend on convenience.

The important thing is to start doing something, right? Once I start making an effort everything will fall into place. I wasn’t dieting and exercising before so anything I do is going to make a difference. At least it will be better than doing nothing. Cardio. I forgot to add cardio. All the experts say cardio is good. I can dust off that DVD….

Does this sound like you?

Do you believe that if I follow my chosen course of action for 6 weeks I’ll see results?

Think I’ll be pounds lighter, more toned, and ready for the beach?

Probably not.

Doing something just because something needs to be done is not as effective as paying attention to what you’re doing, setting goals for change, and then planning to reach those goals.

Are you marketing like this diet?

  • Do you have ads in local publications because you know you’re supposed to advertise (and besides, their sales reps called you)?
  • Have you thrown up a website because everybody is on the web these days and something is better than nothing?
  • Have you added social media to your marketing strategy because all the experts say social media is good?
  • Doing direct mail or email campaigns…just because?

Do you have a marketing strategy or are you just doing some marketing because some marketing is better than no marketing? Are you making decisions based on your target market data and how social media fits into your marketing plan as a whole? Are you trying a little bit of everything, hoping that something will give you the results you want? Is your company going to be ready to join me on the beach in 6 weeks?

Like a diet, exercise, and your overall marketing strategy, social media is more effective when you follow a plan. So…do you have a plan?

If you do have a plan, I salute you. Good job!

Follow your plan. Validate your plan. Tweak your plan.

Follow your plan.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

If you don’t have a plan, make a plan.

Choose your target market. Decide how best to reach them. Decide which social media platforms and internet marketing strategies work best for you and how best to incorporate them into your marketing plan.

If you need help, call the Impression Chefs. We’ll help you plan the marketing mix that’s right for you.

The Impression Chefs — Results are our specialty.

Any questions or comments?