Social Media – It’s a Party

The Internet is out there. It’s huge. It could help you make money. You need a killer web site. You need to be active in social media.

All the experts say so. It must be true…but where do you start?

Blog, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…these are only a few of the social media venues that are available to you. You have to be careful, though, when you attempt to use them to grow your business.

Getting involved can be a good idea. Horning in can actually be detrimental to your image and ultimately your business.

While there are many bulletin board type sites on the internet, social media space is not a community bulletin board. You can’t just print up 500 flyers, stick them all over different web sites, and expect a positive response to your advertisement. There is a danger in coming across as a telemarketer or a stereotypical used car salesman online.

Think of social networks (meaning blogs and other interactive social media) as social engagements. You might attend a social event — a party for example– where you don’t know anyone. Unless you’re either extremely gregarious or completely socially inept, you wouldn’t announce your presence at the party by jumping up onto a table, pulling out your bullhorn and introducing yourself en masse. More than likely, you’d strike up conversations with a few different individuals or put yourself in proximity to a couple or small group and try to become part of the conversation — first by listening and finding out the topic of conversation. Once you know what is being discussed, you determine if you can add anything relevant. If you have something to say, you add your two cents when the time is right.

You wouldn’t join a couple in conversation about the health problems of elderly parents, for example, and jump in with, “Parents. Where’d we be without them, you know? My name is Salesman, by the way. I have these underwater woven baskets, imported all the way from Atlantis in my store. I’m running a sale you won’t believe right now. You should stop by. Here’s the address.”

Don’t drop in to the comments section of every blog you come across and tell folks they should go and check out your blog if they want some really good information, or go to your URL and buy your product.

…and by the way…Hi. I’m new here. I’ve got a great web site with these really cool products. I’m even willing to cut you a deal for no reason at all. Is anybody out there? Will somebody please talk to me?