Site Review Services

You’ve already got a website but you don’t think it’s getting much traffic?

Sales aren’t what they should be and you think the website may be the problem?

Are you living with, but not benefiting from, a website that you, your nephew, or even a paid professional designed? Do you think it might need something?

Call the Impression Chefs.

We’ll analyze your current site and traffic and give you our suggestions. If your site is fine as-is but could be better with a little flavor, we’ll let you know. If your website needs more meat — different images or text, or even more (or better) functions — we can help you determine what will work better for you. If we think you need to stop serving your current site, scrap it, and start from scratch, we’ll be honest about that, too. No offense to your mother’s brother’s cousin’s stepson–or to the fact that you paid for what you got. Sometimes as you grow you just have to buy something new.

The Impression Chefs offer a complete analysis of your website — content, images, functions, keywords, traffic, usability, look, and feel. We take a look at your organization’s image or the image you’d like to project and determine if your current site gives that impression.

Have your site analyzed.

The Impression Chefs will let you know if your website deserves an “A” rating…or should be shut down.


Flash-fry review – $35
(done within 7 days)

Review of site home page:

  • looks at design, structure, navigation, content
  • provides a report

Deep Fry Review – $155
(takes a month)

Detailed website review:

  • performs Flash-fry review
  • completes a 1-month -long analysis of your site’s performance then provides a full report

Choose your review:
Your Site’s Address (url):
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(must be @ the same domain as the reviewed site)