The Chefs’ Impressions

The Impression Chefs edutain you.

Actually, some of us really hate the word edutain. It does sound a whole lot snappier than, “The Impression Chefs educate and entertain you,” though. So there it is.

A lot of the magic that goes on behind the curtains is better left a mystery to most. Sometimes it’s just better to say, “I think it would be cool if this happened.” The Impression Chefs will let you know if: that’s easy, that’s doable, or that’ll have to wait until we’ve repaired the hyperdrive. You just need to know that something can happen. You don’t need to know how.

There’s some knowledge, however, that’s either beneficial or just plain necessary. That’s the education you’ll get here. The entertainment’s in the delivery, we hope. Drop a comment and let us know how we did.

Does Your Website Need An Update?

Flash website doesn't show up on many mobile devices.

This is a screen capture of an actual website (URL removed to protect the guilty). What does your website look like on a mobile screen?

What does your website look like on a mobile screen?

Disco, roller dancing, Members Only jackets, leg warmers, Dippin’ Dots, and Furby are just a few trends that came and went (and came back?) during my generation. The look and feel of your website should change with the times, too. I’m not suggesting that you update your website to reflect every new trend. You should only make changes that make sense for your site, your audience, and your brand.

It’s important to keep your website current.

Have you ever looked at a movie or TV show and dated it based on the clothing, hairstyles, or slang used by the characters? Sometimes you can even make an age determination by picture quality, soundtrack, or the way it was filmed.

Your website can be dated in much the same way.

Your site doesn’t have to look high-tech or futuristic if that’s not your organization’s image. It does, however, need to look like it was developed-or at least updated-in this decade. Your organization isn’t stagnant. Your target audience evolves.

Your website should not be set in stone.

Look and feel are just part of a justification for revamping your website. Some other reasons: Search engine standards change – or you realize that you’re missing out on search engine traffic. The slides and images that contain the text of your website might look really cool, but they might also be invisible to search engines. Go to your home page and either type one of the words from your text into “Find on page”, or highlight a section of text to Copy and paste. If you get no results it’s likely that a search engine won’t either. Time for an update! Growing numbers of users are viewing your website on a mobile device. Will your site frustrate a mobile user? Are there Flash videos, small buttons, or drop-down menus that are nearly impossible on a small screen?

 What did the Impression Chefs change?

  • We redesigned for a more updated, more contemporary look.
  • We edited our content to reflect our new needs and new focus.
  • We updated the coding to include HTML5 elememts and to implement responsive design (for mobile device users).

Are you ready to make a change?

Scroll down just a little and you’ll find a big button that will help you get started. Need a little more convincing that it’s time for a change? Tune in next week.