For Our Clients: New Task Request System

In order to better stay on top of our clients’ service requests, we’ve set up a new task request system. This system will allow us to track requests, keep all the information in a central place, and allow you to check the status of any of your requests. This will make us more efficient in taking care of your needs, ensuring nothing gets missed.

How it works:

  • Rather than email us directly, all current clients can send an email the address we provided you (tasks@) – your requests will be automatically entered into the task management system.
  • Use a descriptive subject line (example: “Update our Address on the Contact Page”) and then provide the details of what you need done in the body of the email.
  • You can also include attachments (.docs, images, .pdfs).
  • When you submit your request, the system will send you an automated reply indicating the request was received.
  • Follow-ups to the request will automatically be added to the system, and you can track request status in your client area.

We’ve done some pilot testing with a handful of clients, and we’re pleased with the results so far. We hope that you’ll enjoy the benefits – ease, convenience and efficiency – of this new system as well.

Please note:

  • This system is NOT for urgent requests – if your site is down, please contact us directly!
  • Use of this system is voluntary – you can still email request directly if you prefer.
  • Requests must come from an email address already registered with the system (all current clients receiving this newsletter already have email addresses entered in the system).
  • All members of your team (anyone who is attached to your account) will be notified of new requests and completion/status updates.
  • This system is NOT for emergencies, but rather for routine requests (yes, this is worth repeating).

We appreciate your business and welcome comments and suggestions on how to serve you better.

Quick Steps to Take if You’ve Got Website Problems

Here’s a quick run-down on what to do if you’re having problems with your website. If your site is unreachable, or running very slowly:

  • Check your internet connection – see if you can connect to other sites.
  • Check your browser – see if you can access your site in another web browser.
  • Contact your hosting provider – make note of the symptoms and any error messages and use your provider’s online or phone-based trouble line. (It is important that you have your account information available for authentication.)
  • Call your website developer/support provider – if it’s a site-specific problem, they can help you get to the bottom of it. If it’s a hosting-related problem, they can help you work with the provider to get it resolved.

Site outages will happen now and then; following the above steps (and providing as much information as possible about the error) will help get them corrected quickly.

Important reminder: You should also have readily available site and database back-ups – just in case.

Social Media & Marketing: Do You Have A Plan?

Today I’ll only eat fruit grapefruit.

Tomorrow I’ll eat whatever I feel like eating, but I’ll also do 20 crunches and take a 20 minute walk.

Day after tomorrow? Diet and exercise will depend on convenience.

The important thing is to start doing something, right? Once I start making an effort everything will fall into place. I wasn’t dieting and exercising before so anything I do is going to make a difference. At least it will be better than doing nothing. Cardio. I forgot to add cardio. All the experts say cardio is good. I can dust off that DVD….

Does this sound like you?

Do you believe that if I follow my chosen course of action for 6 weeks I’ll see results?

Think I’ll be pounds lighter, more toned, and ready for the beach?

Probably not.

Doing something just because something needs to be done is not as effective as paying attention to what you’re doing, setting goals for change, and then planning to reach those goals.

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Addressing the State of Your Website – Pt 2

Performance and Economy

Are you feeling lost? Overwhelmed? The Impression Chefs can help.

Are you too busy trying to learn and run your business to learn and run your website?

Is your site performing the way you want it to?

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Addressing the State of Your Website – Pt 1

On January 25, the President of the United States will stand before Congress and deliver the annual State of the Union address. Politics aside, during his speech President Obama will review how the country is doing — work that has been done, how well we’ve done it, jobs still left to do, and how best to accomplish remaining tasks. National security and economic performance are likely to dominate his address. He will attempt to explain the problems our nation faces, put those problems into context and then provide his view of solutions to those problems.

In that vein, this might be a good time for us all to give thoughtful consideration to our own online “nations” — our websites, social media networks, and over-all online presence — to evaluate how they’re doing. This message won’t be as long as the  President’s address — we promise — and won’t feature a response from the “opposition”. We just want to give you a framework to start thinking about other issues that impact you. In this three part series we’re going to focus on three key areas – security, performance, and social media.  These aren’t your only considerations but we believe that these three are particularly important when it comes to your online success.

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Social Media – It’s a Party

The Internet is out there. It’s huge. It could help you make money. You need a killer web site. You need to be active in social media.

All the experts say so. It must be true…but where do you start?

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