Addressing the State of Your Website – Pt 2

Performance and Economy

Are you feeling lost? Overwhelmed? The Impression Chefs can help.

Are you too busy trying to learn and run your business to learn and run your website?

Is your site performing the way you want it to?

Performance and economy — what is your website doing for your business and how well is it doing the job?

Your website, like a window display, isn’t supposed to just sit and look pretty. Displays are intended to draw people in. While window displays are intended to capture the attention of passersby, websites have to be more focused. While some potential customers will happen across your website, you don’t really have the luxury of relying on traffic generated by nearby businesses as you do with a window display. You need to actively draw traffic to your web display.

Does your site positively reflects your business and brand?

Are you seeing the traffic you want on your website?

Do you have a good understanding of what your website traffic is?

Is your home page serving its purpose as both a window to give people a glimpse of what you’re about and a door to invite them in to learn more? What are you doing with the visitors on your site? Are you content to let them look through the window and move on, or have you laid out your site in a way that’s designed to get them through the door? Once visitors do click beyond the front page, do you have other displays set up to keep them browsing longer (or get them to buy)?

Think about your website in department store terms for a moment. Your window display (home page) got the potential customer in the door. The merchandise is arranged artfully and the displays are great. Say customers find something they like and would love to buy, or need some information about a product. How many laps around your store will customers have to make before finding answers? Have you ever wandered around a department store trying to find a sales clerk or manager? Have you ever decided it wasn’t worth the effort or that you could find what you’re looking for at another store?

Is your website informative, intuitive, and easy to navigate? If not, is your merchandise good enough that potential customers will keep searching your site until they find what they’re looking for? How many potential customers have you lost because it didn’t appear that you had what they wanted…or they didn’t want to have to search for it.
Do visitors to your site have options besides “Look” and “Buy”? Are your visitors taking advantage of those options? Are your site’s visitors taking the actions that you want them to — signing up for a mailing list, making a donation, or making a purchase, for example? Is your website set up to capture and process all of the visitors and information that you’d like to have?

Do you have all the functionality you want?

Can your website do everything you wish it could?

Do you know how to begin answering those questions?

Take a look at your website as though you’re seeing it for the first time. Better yet, have someone whose opinion you value drive you to and through your website. If you’re not happy with the results, give us a call. We don’t build websites that just sit and look pretty.

The Impression Chefs builds websites that work.

Any questions or comments?

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